The important features of commercial overhead doors

A residential overhead door doesn’t need to be big and tall enough to cover a large area, as its requirement might be a single car or maximum two to three vehicles. On the other hand, a commercial overhead door has much higher requirements as businesses often need space for deliveries and trucks.

New Jersey, in particular, is a state that requires many doors to support its local businesses. The state is between the two metropolises of Philadelphia and New York. For this reason, the roads are often filled with large trucks delivering goods between these two locations.

The norm is to use metallic doors for commercial buildings. These doors are usually made from steel or other heavy materials. Although not the best for aesthetics, these doors are stronger, durable and more reliable than the wooden ones that are sometimes used in residential garages. In addition, they foster greater security than wooden doors. Apart from that, a huge advantage is that steel doors are comparatively cheaper than timber ones. However, this would almost certainly depend upon the dimensions of the door and the level of customization. Another important feature to consider is whether you need your door to be insulated. Insulated overhead doors are more expensive but that extra expense is easily offset in cost savings from lower energy bills. For more information on this you should consult the professionals at New Jersey Overhead Door.

Even if you’re not a certified overhead door repair professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play a crucial role in keeping these parts of the business safe. At least once per week, do a brief inspection of the tracks and security doors or your rolling grille. Does it open and close smoothly? Are there any obviously damaged spots? Does the door seem to be struggling to open or close, or do you notice anything that’s obviously amiss? If you are a New Jersey business owner operating near the beach you likely will have to deal with the corrosive effects of salt water on your doors.

It’s easy to take your commercial space for granted, especially when you see it day after day. Also bring your crew on board and ask them to notify you if the doors seem to be acting up. A great business relies on managers, owners and employees alike to take charge of their environment and be proud of their equipment.

As a door gives the first impression of the security of a location, it is highly important to use a door that can bear extremely high pressures, water hazards, fire hazards, wear and tear, rust and even bullets! It should ward off danger by its strong outlook and firm presence. You can choose how you prefer the door to function. Options include timing the door to open and close at certain times of the day and even regulating the speed of its operation. It could be fully automatic or manual or however you find most appropriate for your business needs.

The most important feature of a commercial overhead door is that it be tension free and have an operating life of many years. Therefore, it’s important that you decide for yourself exactly how long you need this door to function for and go for the door that stays with you for the life of your business. The Facebook Page for New Jersey Overhead Door can help you decide on this. We would highly recommend a steel door over a commercial door made of other, weaker, materials.

Although the wooden doors can be very attractive and might draw the attention of potential clients, your main concern when purchasing an overhead door is the protection it can provide. You would certainly not want to keep an expensive vehicle parked in your garage if it would be in jeopardy of being damaged. Security, confidence, and peace of mind are much more important than aesthetics.