Uses For A Chocolate Hammer

Do you want to bring in more clients? Or, show some gratitude to your contractor clients whom you manage all year long? Along with a cash bonus, it makes a nice statement to provide them with a little extra something — a couple bars of fine chocolate and a chocolate hammer.

In the land of chocolate novelties, there is a big call for gifts, branded and logo chocolates, as well as something custom or tailored to different industries likeĀ Belgian Chocolate Personalized Coins.

It is pretty exciting choosing a special toolbox of chocolate novelties for a contractor who has added an addition onto your home, or whose handiwork retrofitted your new office space.

Start by determining your budget. Look online and off for ideas of whose chocolatier expertise will suit your gift recipient the best. For one, start with your favorite chocolate brands. Think back to a chocolate gift you received that you loved. It may have been what inspired your decision to give out a chocolate hammer for this year’s gift.

Metal Or Chocolate

Depending on the proclivities of your recipient, you may wish to buy a metal chocolate hammer to help them break apart their favorite treat. Just as well, you may supply them with a chocolate hammer to enjoy and eat.

chocolate hammerHit The Nail On The Head With Different Types Of Chocolate

Consider the type of chocolate from which to have the hammer crafted. Some people love white chocolate while others are preferential to milk or dark chocolate. Think of what you know about the individual.

Do they like pretzels or salt? Do they enjoy sweets such as caramel or fruit? The reason these are good little tidbits to know is that it can inform how tailored you can get with the gift and still be on the mark. In other words, you can hit the nail on the head.

People like a dark cocoa cookie in with their white chocolate, or some salted pretzels and caramel in with their milk chocolate. For dark chocolate lovers, purity trumps all or maybe some natural berries in the mix will satisfy their sweet tooth.

The idea is that these gifts are meant to show gratitude, appreciation and that you acknowledge some of their personalized tastes. Another method to do this is to mix it up a bit by making a treasure trove of chocolates and flavors.

This allows for the kind of variation that pays off with customers who you do not know as well. You want to make something for everyone, while not tailoring it to anyone tastes to avoid alienating anyone.

Whether you want to give the customer, client, or a vendor who is integral to your business, a chocolate hammer, or a hammer to break their chocolate, try to personalize it. Think about making a good variety of different types of sweets and chocolates give a little taste of everything. This is to make good tidings to your customers so that they know they are appreciated and will turn to you for their future business.